I started this hobby as a part time venture, after assisting other similar industry related ventures. I soon labelled and created my brand, THE PINK MUSE. We kicked off officially in Jan 2016 on a part time basis, ending up in March 2017 in full swing as a small business  and soon realizing the obvious!

I am made for so much more and a greater journey in this lifetime. I am a people’s pleaser and person by nature, always being happy and smiling, so let me spread the positiveness. I am proudly growing daily and am ever Thankful and Grateful for this opportunity which the Lord sent my way, ever so more the mere fact that I can help other women on my journey and touch their lives.
Some background about me, with 10 years of retail expertise and another 5years in the wedding industry, I know the game the love and hates from my clients.

Sooooooo I’ve taken the leap of faith to start up this pretty business aimed at women all over the country and world to offer them pretty, yet affordable costume jewellery, accessories, home décor and more loveable items ranging from wallets, to handbags, to shopping bags, scarves and other accessories all on the basis of variety which I aim to have available continuously.


I personally design & manufacture most of my own Jewellery, Accessories & Home décor, thus wanting to offer my clients something special and unique !

Other products are purchased in from various suppliers, local and international. Such items range from Wallets, to Handbags, to Watches, Scarf’s and other accessories.

Proudly and with ♥ I can state that The Pink Muse is proudly South African and everything I touch and make comes from my ♥ with the passion and love for each product and my brand.

On the PRODUCTS page is my monthly illustration of the range that is available. Remember we work from month to month – ensuring products change and stay fresh and new. You will always see last month and current month – if you want something from the previous month, drop us an enquiry and we’ll confirm if there is still availability of that item.